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Starlink is currently available in most regions of the United States, with our focus on Starlink Installation in Texas. There are certain areas, as indicated on the Starlink Map, that are designated as “Coming Soon” or on a “Waitlist.”

For individuals in these areas, there is an option called the STARLINK for RVs Service, which allows for increased flexibility and portability of the service. The “Portability” add-on feature, recently introduced by Starlink, allows users to pay an additional $25 per month to use the service as a portable or RV system, allowing for use in any location with coverage.

To take advantage of this feature, users can order the Starlink System with the Portability add-on automatically applied to their account. This will result in a monthly fee of $135, rather than the standard rate of $110 per month

how will you know if it's available?

If you proceed to order a Starlink System and see a “Deposit” required, it may indicate that your location is currently in a “Waitlist” or “Coming Soon” area. In this case, you may have the option to order the STARLINK FOR RVS service, which allows for increased flexibility and portability of the service. To do so, simply select the STARLINK FOR RVS tab and place your order as soon as possible.

What if Starlink regular service becomes available in my area?

If you are required to order the Portability or STARLINK FOR RVS service due to your location being in a “Coming Soon” or “Waitlist” area, you will have the option to remove the $25 per month Portability add-on once Starlink becomes officially available in your area. This will reduce your monthly Starlink bill from $135 to the standard rate of $110 per month.

Last thing: Starlink isn't very clear about equipment

So you order your Starlink and you can’t be happier. The equipment arrives, and you see that all it comes with is the Satellite, cable, router, and some weird looking tripod. Well, in order to get your Starlink installed on your house, that tripod isn’t going to cut it. The tripod is primarily used for installing it on the ground.

The Starlink dish is a unique design. In order for them to provide the internet from roaming satellites above earth, the dish needs to be able to move using the built in motor. This calls for a proprietary mounting base that you can only order from Starlink. So, you have a few options.

Option 1: Use your existing satellite mount.

You can use your existing satellite mount on your home or business, but you will need to order the “Pipe Adapter” from Starlink. This is a universal adapter that fits most mounts used by companies like DIRECTV, Dish Network, ViaSat, Etc.

Option 2: Order a new mount from Starlink.

Starlink Offers mounts you can order from them directly. The most popular mount is the “Pivot Mount” from the Starlink Shop Store. This mount is for your standard shingled roof. Every home will be different, if you unsure what mount to get, here is article about the different types of mounts.

Last thing about mounts, there are many 3nd party options for sale now. We recommend ordering from Starlink. They look a lot better on your roof, are factory made to be compatible, and are a lot more sturdy. 

Ethernet Adapter:

This is probably one of the biggest heartaches for customers once Starlink gets installed. The standard router that is shipped with your Starlink kit does not have a ethernet port. If your wanting to use a WiFi mesh system, or use your own router instead, you will need to order the “Ethernet Adapter” from Starlink Shop Store. 

Ordering the Extra equipment

Starlink has a strange way of ordering. We believe it primarily because they don’t want people ordering equipment from them, and then reselling it with the price hiked up. 

Once you order your Starlink kit, you will need to place a separate order for the Satellite mount and ethernet adapter. To do this, after you order your kit and have a account, go to shop.starlink.com. You will then login with your account, and place a order from there. You can also order equipment through the Starlink app. 

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